Tax Season Cause Market Gyrations

Tax Season Cause Market Gyrations

Nobody likes tax season except tax accountants, but those with investments in the stock market have more to be concerned with in April of each year than just making sure their taxes are filed on time.

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How to enter the World of Online Casinos and what to be aware of?

Аuthor: CJ Parker

My First Impression from an Online Casino

Casino TableLet me tell you how I joined the gambling world. Being a newbie in online gambling, I finally decided to give it a try to see how it goes after a lot of deliberation. I have to admit, I first approached it with doubt, knowing I could never be too careful. How wrong I was! Playing in the online casino simply changed my life – there is nothing that bad and threatening as I'd read on some forums. No way... Let me tell you my story.

The Welcome Bonus

After a thorough research of the best online casinos, I finally made my choice – a casino with an established reputation, which was not only licensed by gambling authorities but was also certified by testing agencies proving that the outcome of the games was unbiased and random. And in just a few easy steps, I had set up my account. What next? Well, of course I had my eyes on the prize – or in this case, the welcome bonus. Most casinos offer an industry standard 100% match-up bonus for your first deposit but some can go much higher than that and even offer extra perks like free spins. Anyway, the match-up welcome bonus worked just fine for me, so I made my deposit and had my money doubled. So, it was quite smooth and easy for me – I even got an email with the details on the transaction – nice security level indeed. I was interested in playing slots so when I found out about the wagering requirements and that slots were contributing 100%, I just couldn't wait to choose a game and start playing.

Choosing a Game

Hmm... how do you choose what you would like to play among so many options. Oh believe me, there are loads of various games and I was just stuck for a while. Clicking on each game and trying to figure out what I like, I accidentally found a Live chat! What a wonderful button! Ha-ha! The girl helped me out and even told me about the rules – how to spin and what lines to choose. Well, definitely, slots are just AWESOME! They are spinning all around and taking you to another world of sharp sound and cool motion. I fell in love with them, my bad. To be honest, my advice – if you don't know what to play and HOW to play, make sure to call or contact live chat – they are there for us and we should use them.   Since I had more money, having claimed my bonus now, I allowed myself to go VERY high with the bets. I was mostly betting on Witches Wealth and DinoMight. There were some ups and downs, though after an hour of playtime, the bets were one winning after the other! After a few raises, I was done – I had 2k on my balance! Happy face, cool emotions... What next?   I went to the chat to check about the wagering or rollover. Another girl told me that I am doing well and need to bet 500 more – well, it looked a bit tricky at first I thought OK, I could give it a try. She told me to try the game called Mount Olympus. I did not like the game at first, though after a few spins I got why it was so hot. Almost each bet was giving a payout and I raised the balance up to 3,5k! Of course, I contacted live chat and got so happy to know that the bonus conditions were met.    

Money won, what next?

Having won, now I submitted some details for my account verification and was waiting for the withdrawal. Guys, you should definitely try out playing online. As per my short story, there is nothing to be afraid of – the odds are simply marvelous. My word – believe in your Lady Luck as I did back then.