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Financial Topics

Tax Season Cause Market Gyrations

Tax Season Cause Market Gyrations

Nobody likes tax season except tax accountants, but those with investments in the stock market have more to be concerned with in April of each year than just making sure their taxes are filed on time. As the tax filing deadline approaches it is nothing unusual to see the stock market flatten out or even take a very slight dive, but just as quickly as it goes down it typically rebounds within a couple of weeks of the passing of the tax filing deadline.

Two More Rate Hikes in 2017

Two More Rate Hikes in 2017

In a recent CNBC interview Stanley Fischer, Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve advised that he expected the central bank to increase rates twice more before year end, and that two more rate hikes seem “about right”, and that for the most part the Federal Reserve’s outlook has not changed much as a result.

Trump 'Confidence Economy'

Trump 'Confidence Economy

The failed attempt by Republicans to push their health-care plan through Congress has put Trump’s ambitious economic plans in serious doubt, particularly as despite having a majority in both chambers Trump’s first attempt at making major changes failed.

Stock Topics

Key Stock Indexes, Markets Briefing

Key Stock Indexes, Markets Briefing

Minutes from the March 14-15 FOMC Meeting released on Wednesday 5 April, 2017 stated the Federal Reserve is likely to start winding down its USD4 trillion balance sheet later this year, a move that could unsettle financial markets and the economy. Two rate hikes in 2017 were confirmed.

Strengthening Global Economy Reduces U.S. Trade Deficit

Strengthening Global Economy Reduces U.S. Trade Deficit

February saw a sharp drop in the U.S. trade deficit compared with January in response to a strengthening of the global economy, and demand for American-made goods increased. This drop has pleased economists as it amounted to $1 billion more than they predicted. As shoppers in other countries purchased more American-made goods it caused U.S. exports to increase.

Experts' advice

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News From Around The World

European Stocks Drop as Federal Reserve Reduces Bonds Holdings

European Markets

The imminent summit between China’s Xi Jinping and U.S. President Trump has some investors quite wary of taking any significant risks prior to it being held, which caused a slight rise in European stocks after they had been losing and gaining during the session. Typically any meeting between Trump and a leader of another country causes the stock market to move, as has been evidenced when meetings between the President and his international counterparts have occurred in the past.

The Federal Reserve’s announcement that came out of the March meeting minutes indicated that its policy makers would begin winding down its $4.5 trillion balance sheet this year, surprising market analysts who were not expecting it to begin this early. The report caused the European markets to take a dip the day following the Federal Reserve’s meeting. Hantec Markets’ market analyst Richard Perry advised that this would make the Federal Reserve less obliging. U.S. stocks reacted to the news by closing lower that same day.